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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Flag at the bottom of my blog and my story as best as I know it...

Ok if you have seen the picture of the flag at the bottom of my blog.
Then you might wonder why do I have a picture of a a foreign country's flag on my blog,
well heres the reason.
This does have to do with me by the way.
I haven't really grown up here in America, I wasn't even born here.
It starts before I was born though. Because and some of you know this, my parents are missionaries, so I am an mk.
That means Missionary Kid for those that aren't familiar with the term or who just don't know what it means any way.
The first place that my parents were stationed with the mission NTM was in Africa, and yes this was before I was born, all was well I guess from stories I have heard been told by my parents until one day.
This will be a useful bit of info: My dad was a pilot, he flew. So one day my dad was flying, at this point in time there was trouble with rebels in Africa and I think that they were stationed in Liberia, and he started running out of fuel so of course eventually he had to land. You would probably like to know this bit of info: he was flying other people I can not remember who they were ( of course I would not know personally but from the stories that have been told). Well he landed, but then rebels came and ordered them to get out of the plane, my dad had been captured by rebels. At this time my brother, Daniel, and my sister, Sarah, where just little kids. My mom at some point in this time, after dad had been captured- sorry if I seem confused or something but remember my knowledge of this series of events is based on what I can remember from stories told- was told, well actually more like ordered to leave and she could only pack I think like 2 suit cases so all of the other stuff was left behind.
*Speed up in time* My dad was ok the rebels let him go he wasn't even ever harmed..
*speed up even farther in time*
My mom is pregnant with me and my parents are in Papua New Guinea in the Sepiks, when it is time they travel to Australia, and I am born on October 8th, 1992 at Cairns Base Hospital.
My first passport pic. was taken when I was 24 hours old at two weeks my passport came to us in the mail, wherever we were staying in Cairns, Australia. Then we leave Australia and go back to PNG we are in Wewak, PNG. Then after that we go to Hoskins, PNG, and yet even after that we go to Goroka , PNG. Before Goroka maybe even sometime in between Wewak and Hoskins we came to the states and I had my first bday. After being in America for awhile maybe a year or two we went to Goroka and I did Preschool- at home,; then in Kindergarten I went to the school on our center which at that point was now as Nimonoi, but it is now know as Lapilo, but I did not go to school for all of Kindergarten not even for a whole semester because I Kept getting sick. The I was home schooled for 1st grade. then we came back to America , and were here for my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade years which is probably the longest I have ever been in America although I think that this time around it will end up being longer than that. i went to our church's little Christian School for second grade and then I was home schooled for 3rd and 4th. After that we went back to PNG and my Brother did his junior and senior years of high school there at our center's school which was Kindergarten- 12th grade. Which for me would have been 5th and 6th grade that was fun and I made some new friends in sixth grade. Then we came back here and have been here since June 2005, my parents anniversary was in June and it was the longest day to because we were on the the plane we crossed through several time zones.
That is my story with pretty much no help except for the June 2005 part. But anyway I do not know when or if we will go back to PNG? Although I hope that we do go back. I miss PNG, so much. It seems more so a home than here in America does, although America is seeming to become a little bit more like home.


Storybook Woods said...

Great story. I have tagged you for the name game. Check out my blog. Auberne' Analimon


Imagination said...

Hey thanks,
I will join. Not that I have a choice of course.

Imagination said...

Hey i tried to leave a comment on your blog, but I couldn't anyway I left one on yours moms by accident but here is the pome that i left in the comment

The Winter's Frost

The Winter's Frost
Was Paid at quiet a cost
For I, amidst the wood's white tipped leaved of green, was lost.

Hey sorry about the mistake I guess I did not pay attention to the ULR , just like me pay attention but only half. gotta go

Storybook Woods said...

That's ok. I LOVE THE POEM!!! Beautiful. ;] Auberne' Ancalimon

Benjamin said...

wow bekah!!!!! that was awsome!!!! i didnt know half that stuff about u lol... crazyness... ur lucky!!!!

Imagination said...

But my dad tells stories of when he was a kid in Africa and they are funny.
He told one recently, but it is better if he would write it.

Imagination said...

hey I am going to post a couple of new poems that I wrote just recently only you Auberne' and Kylie have seen the first one and Kylie has also seen the second one only cause she was there when I wrote it though....

Imagination said...

hey Auberne' about the Story the Beginnings of a Tale if you want to read the first part like I said you go to the bottom of this part and click on the older posts but once you do that you have to go the bottom of the page you are in and then you have to click on the older posts again on that page and you are finally there.

Dark Ravyn said...

wow, i didnt know that happened to your dad lol. and if u go back to png, i will stow away and go with u, i will hitch-hike if i have to, dont think i willn't!!!!! well, u know i would anywayz lol......u know me way 2 well =p

Anonymous said...

Dude that is soo awesome!!! So are your parents still missionaries?

Imagination said...

yep they are still missionaries, but we are kinda on furlow/ my dad is working for the computer department and the home base for our mission is in Florida so my dad has to go there once a month